Studio Identity Design is a young, fast-growing architecture & design studio, established in 2017 in London. Today our portfolio includes projects from across the commercial, residential, workplace, hospitality and leisure sectors. What makes us different from other design firms is our strong ethos and belief that the best designs have always a strong story to tell. 

'We believe that the way you live your life impacts the way you design. Having two very different personalities, therefore, allows us to create spaces that are full of contrasts - rough but with attention to details, raw but creative all at the same time.''


Our work is guided by our philosophy. At Studio Identity Design, we believe, that there is a strong connection between places and identities. The human experience is the key driver behind our designs. Places influence us in many ways – they shape our emotions, create a sense of belonging, and are strongly linked to our memories. Different places evoke different feelings - the materials, textures, and colors influence how comfortable we feel. ​Each project for us represents a unique brief that requires a unique approach. Our projects always tell a story, a story built upon the client's vision.


Studio ID also stands for Ivana and Dagmar. Having met at university, their paths split shortly thereafter as they both decided to go out and gain professional experience from different parts of the world. (Including Hong Kong, New York, Brussels, Prague, Bratislava, Brno, and London)

Although they both took different journeys, their paths have overlapped and crossed many times. Finally, in 2015, they both spontaneously decided to settle down in London, and the idea of ID was born.


Our diverse team has been built after long-lasting collaborations, allowing us to built trustful and effective workflow among ourselves. We are a team coming from a diverse range of countries. Together we make sure our designs are not only unique and outstanding, but also buildable, practical, and within budget. Our team is the secret to our success as each and every member is an expert within his/her given field, which allows us to learn from each other and thus push our boundaries.


  • Competitive fees.

  • Understanding the property market: what attracts, what sells, what commands premium prices.

  • Thinking outside of the box.

  • London & Czech based company.

  • Making sure your property stands out from the competition.

  • Keeping ahead of trends and styles, and the tastes of your target market.  

  • Ensuring the best return on your investment.

  • Offering an interior design package for home buyers.

  • Delivering on time and on budget.

  • Working collaboratively with architects, surveyors, and builders, bringing valuable interior design skills to your project.   



'Studio ID was very enthusiastic about the vision and story of Sandbox - it was out of the box thinking, they fully understood the vision and made it come alive with their own unique thoughts, not just in terms of design, but brand, techniques and even with flexible structures - which was over and beyond the brief. From day one they were open to on the ground research and brought in an understanding of how technology could work with design and structure. The visual renderings evoked the space in a way a new novel concept could be easily understood and appreciated by all our project stakeholders. Studio ID has a very dynamic and novel approach and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.'


SANDBOX, Concept design| Rajdeep Gahir