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Ramzova Resort is a complex fully surrounded by forest yet situated in close proximity to the popular skiing resort, and the local village. The complex, therefore, offers an ideal set-up for both relaxation and active holidays in any season of the year. Within the complex, we design the accommodation units as well as all the amenities, including a restaurant, a bar, and a wellness zone. Our concept is building on the idea of bringing the surrounding forest inside and thus blurring the boundary between the exterior and the interior. The chosen material palette mirrors the surrounding of the hotel. We tried to work mostly with local suppliers and sources. The use of wooden slats in the interior and the play with lighting is then mimicking the play of light and shadows you often encounter on your walks in the forest. 

wellness 02.JPG

The Forest Wellness

Rather than designing another wellness inside of the main objects, we wanted to benefit from the privacy and the ambient the surrounding forest has to offer. Therefore we came up with a concept of creating several individual modular boxes, which each carried a different spa feature (from saunas and whirlpools to mini gym or yoga pod) - those were then spread out in a way that allow for enough privacy in each unit while offering priceless views into the nature.

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