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Experience all the different layers of the city under one roof

When approached by the investor, his brief was to create a restaurant with its own brewery and fill the rest of the building with apartments for both short- and long-term stays, that would be unique from the other accommodation options nearby. When we visited the house for the first time in January 2017, it was clear to us at the first glance that under the layers of disrespectful construction modifications from past periods, the historic premises hide an amazing potential. We tried to enhance the original atmosphere of the premises, but at the same time we wanted to give them a more contemporary face. On the ground floor and first floor of the building, the beautiful brick vaults, which were hidden under plasterboard ceilings, were preserved, as well as  the marble cladding of the staircase, and the historic stained glass window in the mezzanine. To respond to the brief, our design mixes these original features with industrial style and beer theme. Lighting played an important role in the design, large industrial lights suspended from the ceiling enhance the atmosphere of the brewery, while spotlights placed around the perimeter of the ceilings dramatically illuminate the historic vaults. Wall surfaces are treated with a special technique imitating rough lime plasters. The industrial feel of the interior is complemented by expanded metal panels, hung in steel frames on the walls and on the bar on the first floor, as well as custom designed and manufactured steel furniture.

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To create a unified character for the newly created 'U Tomana' brand, we were also approached by clients to design a logo and complete branding of the company. We worked on the design of beer coasters, food and drink menus, aprons for waiters, boards on the walls depicting the beer production process, websites, advertising materials, etc. Thanks to this, we managed to achieve a consistent design and harmony of the whole, carrying a unified idea in every detail.

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