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The owner approached us with the task of creating an interior design for her growing beauty brand ANNAROKO. The main requirement was that the salon should reflect the philosophy and style of the brand and should have a positive effect on all the senses during the beauty procedures. The space that we had been given is located in the center of Prague and stands out with beautiful historical ceilings, however, is very limited in terms of space and daylight, as it has a narrow floor plan with a single window in the entrance. Our main goal was to optically lighten the interior, we wanted it to appear airy, light, and fresh. The marble reception bar became the dominant feature of the salon and has been complemented by the bespoke manicure tables, which in combination with the wooden structure bring a naturally cozier and warmer atmosphere to the interior. Each table has a shelf with live plants on top, and a round mirror that contributes to a soft and pleasant look and optically enlarges the given space.

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