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The Cube House

Where geometry meets playfulness.

The Cube House is a multi-unit residential project in Brno - located in the dynamically developing district with a unique character, just a few minutes from the city center. Minimal and strict architectural form transmits a feeling of peace and order to the disparate surrounding buildings. With its efficiency and functionality, Hvězdová house refers to the legacy of the Brno interwar building tradition, but at the same time offers a diverse range of accommodation units and all facilities that reflect the current housing standard. The most important aspect of interior design was the right choice of materials and emphasis on building details, which significantly enliven the regular geometric form of the house. The design builds on the contrast between the rawness of the materials used and the fineness of the steel elements. The interiors of the individual apartments were significantly influenced by the connection of the building to the city park. The chosen material palette is full of natural materials, textures, and warm earthy tones and thus represents a natural transition of the park to the individual apartments. Daylight then co-creates the indoor climate, which affects human health. Plenty of natural light in the interior significantly contributes to mental well-being, and positively affects our biorhythm and mood. Thanks to their open layouts and generous glazing, all accommodation units - including the smallest ones - offer above-standard amounts of daylight throughout the year and in all weather.

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