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The Bakery Yard

Not another residential complex, a lifestyle.

The area of ​​Zábrdovice, which was once inhabited by artists, printers, textile and furniture manufacturers, is currently undergoing regeneration. When the client first approached us about this project, his request was to create a new modern housing concept that would push the boundaries of the current housing standard. The Bakery Yard is a shared living concept, that offers enough privacy to its residents while providing plenty of shared spaces and amenities to create a community. It is not another typical residential complex, it is more of a lifestyle that follows today's increasingly fast pace of life. The complex will offer its future residents a whole range of experiences - from wellness, fitness and relaxation zones, through the reception, lounge zone, to an outdoor workout field, grill zone or a sunny shared roof terrace. It represents a unique place with a unique atmosphere, offering peaceful living right in the center of Brno with the advantages of a 5-star hotel.

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Architecture & Concept

The chosen architecture was inspired by the rich industrial heritage of the area and thus celebrates the local authenticity and raw energy. In addition to the 4 main buildings within the inner block, we also presented housing in the form of Townhouses, which combine the best of both worlds - a practical location right in the center of Brno with a private garden facing the quiet inner yard. The connection with the exterior played an important role in the design, which is why each apartment is equipped with either loggias or balconies.


Retail Strategy

As a part of our scope, we have worked on a well-curated retail strategy for the communal zones and street-level activation. We were working with well-established local businesses, which will help with activation throughout the day and night. The commercial zones include everything you need in your daily life, from restaurants and cafes to fitness, co-working spaces, and beauty salons....

Interior Packages

All flats are being sold with the possibility of a turnkey solution, designed by us.

Site Progress